• Legacy.

    The Miners League.

    For months Justin has been stopping to tap the half wall above the landing as he and Savannah come down the stairs. What I thought was quirky and cute at first soon drove me crazy. “WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?!” I finally cracked and asked. Then Justin told me about locker room traditions. About sports teams rallying around and tapping motivational quotes before heading into the game to give their all. Every bit of annoyance in me became inspiration. I knew what I wanted to do for him for Fathers Day. I just had to find our family motto. Watching Moana with Savannah one night, the grandma asked (in song, of…

  • Resilience.

    Believing for “Brave.”

    There was a time that I welcomed New Years with hopeful declarations. Words that I believed the Lord had placed on my heart and asked me to pursue Him for the development of. Words that weaved themselves in and out of every domain of my life. So much further reaching than a single resolution. It’s been 4 years since then. 4 years since I led my class of third graders in choosing a word to declare over their own year. We crafted construction paper self portraits with New Years party hats and written responses about their chosen words. I spent the night before they made their projects cutting out the…

  • Gratitude.,  Resilience.

    I Know Where The Sidewalk Ends.

    Let’s talk about trauma, mamas. Experiencing and recovering from trauma is like running along a moving sidewalk. Life feels fast-paced and, honestly, maybe even just frantic. You are exhausted trying to keep the pace but you’ve got your eyes locked on the end in sight. That place where the yellow and black striped metal meets the concrete and you know life will slow to a stroll. Things will be easy again. Life will be good. But nobody ever tells you what life looks like on the other side of that sidewalk- whatever event you’re just trying to get through. No one tells you about the moment your legs, now adjusted…

  • Marriage.

    Love Is Not A Feeling.

    Love is not a feeling, friends. It is a commitment. A decision to grab hold of someone and say “whatever it takes, we’re not letting go. We’ll come through this together and we’ll both be better for it.” Not every moment is one worthy of cheers and celebration, at least not to others gathered around you for it. But, in some strange way, those will be the very moments you find yourself sitting back in the sand and silently cheering yourselves on anyway. Love endures all things. Vows recited without really knowing what they mean, wedding photos with sandy buttcheeks, the seasons you’re tasked with working through the hard stuff.…

  • Motherhood.


    I’m still figuring out how to do life somewhere between these sunscreen lathered and wind-styled extremes...the planned and the purposeful versus the spontaneous and simple joy-soaked.