Slow Down with the Savior.

  • Slow Down with the Savior.

    Made for Love.

    I have had friends ask me, “Out of all the world’s religions, how do you know Christianity is the right one? I’m scared to choose wrong.” Let me tell you how I know… Today I laid my 3 month old daughter down in her crib to grab an outfit from the drawer and begin changing her. As soon as I laid her down, she turned to baby rage. I mean, this girl was yelling at the top of her lungs, face bright red, completely ignoring me as I stood over her offering the pacifier. As I picked her back up, she calmed in seconds, returned to her normal color, looked…

  • Gratitude.,  Slow Down with the Savior.

    Just What I Needed.

    Truthfully, I always imagined myself raising boys. I just assumed that, with all my affection for order and organization, the Lord would throw in some boys to leave muddy little footprints across my floor and my type A heart. I was so sure He’d use them to teach me to let go and live a little. But that wasn’t His plan… No, it sure wasn’t because God gave me a daughter instead. The daintiest little thing, beautiful in every way, so full of the joy of life. He gave me this perfect and precious girl, and then He asked me to listen to the way I spoke to her each…