Bucket List.,  Gratitude.

Walking by Faith.

The bucket list I made in high school had “teach a child to walk” on it. This week I watched Savannah’s little footprints in the sand and had a shift of perspective. As hard as it is some days to see children Savannah’s age running, jumping, playing, doing dance and sports, we’re getting a little longer to take in this time that even 17 year old me recognized as being so precious.

Knowing the promise (for a life of abundance in Jesus) doesn’t mean the difficult emotions don’t come. It doesn’t mean our minds won’t try to wander with the what if’s. Knowing the promise means we have the opportunity- and honestly, the responsibility-to renew our minds so that those emotions and thoughts can be reframed with the proper perspective.

The promise is what keeps us taking in those tiny toeprints, tucked between our own. It helps us choose to smile at them instead of wasting all our time wishing they were to one side of us instead- the evidence of independence.

The promise assures us those days will come. Those toeprints will move to one side. They’ll grow bigger and bigger until they set out on their own path to the Savior. And on that day, I’ll look back wishing the toeprints between my own didn’t wash away so quickly. Because even after a wait like this, I have a feeling it will all still be too fast.

The day will come. I have a peace knowing that. So, until then, I think we’ll just walk by faith. Whatever the pace.

(Originally written February 2022)