• Marriage.

    Love Is Not A Feeling.

    Love is not a feeling, friends. It is a commitment. A decision to grab hold of someone and say “whatever it takes, we’re not letting go. We’ll come through this together and we’ll both be better for it.” Not every moment is one worthy of cheers and celebration, at least not to others gathered around you for it. But, in some strange way, those will be the very moments you find yourself sitting back in the sand and silently cheering yourselves on anyway. Love endures all things. Vows recited without really knowing what they mean, wedding photos with sandy buttcheeks, the seasons you’re tasked with working through the hard stuff.…

  • Motherhood.


    I’m still figuring out how to do life somewhere between these sunscreen lathered and wind-styled extremes...the planned and the purposeful versus the spontaneous and simple joy-soaked.