Nicole is a thirty-something living seven miles from the shore in a quiet Florida beach town. Each morning she barrels out of bed and out the door- usually late- to begin her day with the small groups of struggling students she serves at a local elementary school. A born reader and writer, she loves to embarrass herself doing whatever it takes to make books come alive and passion awaken. Each afternoon she comes home to her high school sweetheart, Justin, and an 8 year old, 80 lb couch pillow- I mean hound dog- Tally (named for the city where her football-obsessed husband’s Florida State Seminoles play). And inevitably each night, her husband pulls whatever writing project she’s fallen asleep on out from under her face when he wakes up with the bathroom light still on. You can find her on the weekends journaling, hunting a good antique, researching wellness, line dancing, or doing some kind of craft or home decorating project.

Nicole spent all her 20’s believing that 30 was the year you’re supposed to have it all figured out by. She white-knuckled her life as she pictured the ornately framed, perfectly posed family portrait her fireplace mantle would hold when she got there. Now, not only does her home not have a mantle- because, hello, Florida- but her family photos also hold the memory of the most precious toddler whose gone home to Heaven ahead of her. Yeah, life’s been hard.

With her thirties, Nicole’s learning what it means to love herself- grieving heart, gray hairs, and all- and her one wild, unpredictable, and yet beautiful life. She’s wrestling perfectionism to the ground, learning how to better rest, and writing words for mothers everywhere… especially those she can’t bear to leave behind in the spiritual battles she’s been in. Nicole is passionate about empowering mothers to partner with the Father in discipling and defending the children entrusted to them.

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