Permission to Live.

When we first found out Savannah would need a little extra care, I remember asking the Lord, “How am I going to do this?”

I knew her life held great purpose from Him, and I knew the promises of His Word from my own healing testimony. I could gather the Scriptures. I knew how to stand on them for her. He’d do the rest.

But how could I live out my faith in between those moments of sink-to-my-knees, cry-out-my-eyes, call-out-His-name prayer closet sessions? What would it look like to take my stance in my bedroom- standing and shouting, pointing my finger at an invisible enemy, boldly declaring God’s Word over my family- and then to slip back out into a world where I was responsible for so much?

So I cried out, “What will it look like to walk this season out in trust, even as we face trials?” I’ll never forget His answer. “What would it have looked like otherwise?” Permission to live as freely as we would have even without the news we’d received.

I try to hold onto that challenge to live abundantly in our every changing season now.

One of the things about being a stay at home mother I always dreamed of was spending long days outside and growing brown with my babies in swimming lessons. This week that daydream came to life as we began our twice weekly lessons with Ms. Donna, and our friends Rachael and little Everly! This is a big deal for us!

There are absolutely promises we stand on the Word of God for and don’t back down until we see. But the promise for a life of abundance doesn’t have to happen only once the seas are still. In Jesus, we get to have some fun even riding the waves.

(Originally written April 2021)