The Miners League.

For months Justin has been stopping to tap the half wall above the landing as he and Savannah come down the stairs. What I thought was quirky and cute at first soon drove me crazy. “WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?!” I finally cracked and asked.

Then Justin told me about locker room traditions. About sports teams rallying around and tapping motivational quotes before heading into the game to give their all. Every bit of annoyance in me became inspiration. I knew what I wanted to do for him for Fathers Day. I just had to find our family motto.

Watching Moana with Savannah one night, the grandma asked (in song, of course) “do you know who you are?” My mind immediately flashed to Justin’s favorite Disney movie- the Lion King- when a scared Simba looks to the sky for the courage only a father can give. And his father reminds him… “remember who you are.”

There is such significance in knowing who we are. We are sons and daughters of God, fearfully and wonderfully made, fully known and deeply loved. We are co-heirs with Christ and- because of this inheritance- whole, healed, at peace, joyful, full of love. We are the Miners League. Messy, impulsive, hangry, and- if you know my husband- LOUD people who make a lot of mistakes. And yet we are the same Miners League committed to getting back up on our feet every time we’ve fallen, to forgiveness, to following close after Jesus.

“Remember Who You Are” is a truth we want to raise a sweet girl knowing in a world so obsessed with body image and twisted ideas of feminism. It’s a truth we want to stare down when we know the right thing to do but are having trouble getting started. It’s a truth that binds our home team even as we each discover and grow unique gifts. A truth we’ll know and recite and now tap every day as we head out on mission.

(originally posted May 30, 2022)