Letters to SJ.


So “Minnie” Reasons To Celebrate! ❤️

[ September 25, 2021 ]

Savannah Jane,
Today you are two years old. Two feels so much more emotional to me than one did. At one, you were my sweet and strong baby whose personality was really just beginning to shine. Now, at two, I know you so much more.

This year your Dad and I nicknamed you SJ- Stuntin’ Joy. It’s the number one thing family, friends, and even strangers stop and notice about you. You wear a smile from the very moment I scoop you out of your bed each morning. When something makes you laugh, you scrunch your nose up and throw your whole head back like it’s so big a laugh, it’s hard to get out. You like to make others laugh too. I will never forget the day you looked me in the eye and slowly lifted your finger until it was stuck inside one nostril. You never broke eye contact and I just lost it. I could not stop laughing. You seemed to know exactly what you were doing. Or the time I asked you for a kiss and you gave your Dad a kiss, blew a kiss to every stinking stuffed animal in the room, and then blew a kiss and announced it was for the FLOOR, before you gave one to me. Stinker.

You are just as loving as you are funny. You’re not much of a snuggler- I take those moments when I can get them- but you are always giving and

blowing kisses and you affectionately stroke my arms as you sit with me watching TV. You would rather see your little friends than do just about anything else. You even wave hi and make sure every person we pass in the grocery store feels valued and seen. Many of the cashiers at the places we go know and greet you when they see you.

This year has been filled with so many new experiences and memories. You took your first few get-aways, went to your first theme park, started swimming lessons, and began to experience things like children’s museums, zoos, and parades. At home, you finally indulged me and found an interest in painting and crafts. We kept busy with lots of crafts, therapy practice, and sensory play. You learned to pick out your ABC’s by sight and to count to 10, then 13. We are working towards 20. Of course every number has to be followed by The Count’s infamous “ah ah ah” (from Sesame Street). You know all your shapes and colors too. You love to read and often read right along with me to the books you know or insist on getting down on the floor to act them out. With the help of three time weekly therapy appointments, you learned to crawl, to stand, and to walk with support this year. We are working toward independent walking and potty training now. We were blessed to find and afford a national tube weaning program not covered by insurance. You began working with them this year as well. You overcame your delays in fine motor skills this year and your vocabulary took

off. We are just beginning to have real conversations and I love it. The Lord has given me dreams of how talkative you’ll be… probably to prepare me. Ha! You learned how to pray with all those new words too. Probably the best part. Now YOU are usually the one reminding US to pray when your Dad is already 4 bites into dinner. You still love music, but now you also sing. Just about any sad or overwhelmed moment is cured by song in our household. Your Dad and I are probably also prepared for any flash mob that should ever recruit us. We’ve really gotten quite coordinated.

We’ve overcome our challenges this year, as well. This year we had our first little cold, busted lip, and even Covid- the virus I’ve told you about that caused a global shutdown. Through each, you showed the world what it looks like to be more than a conqueror in Christ. You are strong, brave, and resilient.

I’m having the time of my life with you, sweet Savannah. It is such a privilege to be home with you through it all. Last night we laid in your crib and sang worship songs until you got ready to fall asleep, then I closed the door behind me and cried at how big you are. My last night with my one year old. The baby they said wouldn’t make it to delivery. And yet, here you are, living big and teaching us all how to do the same. So much to praise God for!